Mauritius: 30 per cent Parliament seats may be reserved for women

Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) - Mauritian Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam announced Monday night that the government planned to reform the Island's electoral system that dates back to 1968 by suggesting, among others, the need to reserve at least 30 per cent of the seats in Parliament for women.

Ramgoolam said though women represent around 50.5 per cent of the Island's population and they have made significant progress in many fields, their representation in Parliament remains low.

''Gender fairness matters significantly and empirical evidence suggests that the critical mass is at least 30 per cent of women in Parliament,'' he said.

''We suggest also to ensure that on the party list neither gender represents less than 33 per cent of the candidates,'' he said.

Ramgoolam said Mauritius needs an electoral system that ensures government stability, guarantees equity to parties, promotes gender fairness, fosters broad socio-demographic representation, encourages accountable government and enhances transparency.

Political parties and individuals in Mauritius have up to 5 May 2014 to comment on the propositions made by the Prime Minister or submit fresh propositions before the propositions are legislated upon.
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25 march 2014 07:55:00

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