Mauritians launch Movement on compensation for slavery

Port Louis- Mauritius (PANA) -- A private movement has been launhced in Port Louis, Mauritius, in support of payment of compensation to former African slaves ahead of the World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa.
A cleric, the reverend Philippe Fanchette and politician Serge Antoine are behind the Port Louis Movement, unveiled early in the week.
"We would like to ensure that the descendants of slaves are compensated for the aftermath of slavery from which they are still suffering," Fanchette said, describing slavery as a crime against humanity.
He stressed that Africans at home and in the Diaspora should receive compensation for slavery.
Europe and the US, which are major beneficiaries of slavery are currently opposed to a move by the African group to bring the issue of compensation on the agenda of the 28 August-7 September Durban Conference.

15 august 2001 16:21:00

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