Mauritian students urged to pray for ailing Nelson Mandela

Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) – The Mauritian Education Minister, Vasant Bunwaree, has called on students across the country to pray for the ailing former South African President, Nelson Mandela, whom he referred to as a living legend.

In a message sent to all Mauritian schools Tuesday, Bunwaree said Mandela was an exceptional human figure who fought for the freedom of his country against not only poverty but also, and most importantly, against institutionalized racism in South Africa as embodied by apartheid.

"Nelson Mandela has been a strong believer in the linkage between Freedom and Education such that mistakes of the past are not repeated," his message read.

The minister recalled Mandela’s life as a social activist who witnessed the pain and suffering of his people.

"This had a profound effect upon him for he saw how the segregation of races led to the violent oppression of a majority by an all powerful minority, the domination of the strong over the weak and unprotected," he emphasised.

Bunwaree believed that Mandela remained in history as an iconic figure with racial reconciliation being his steadfast mission.

Mandela has remained in a Pretoria hospital since 8 June, 2013, after his lung infection worsened.
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