Mauritian pupils campaign against plastic bags

Port Louis- Maurice (PANA) -- Mauritian pupils Monday stormed into shops and markets of Phoenix town to sensitize the public about the negative effects of plastic shopping bags on the environment.
"The goal is to increase people's awareness of the fact that plastic bags and other plastic products are harmful to the environment when disposed of carelessly," said Kheswar Beeharry Panray.
Panray is coordinator of the environment protection project at Medco Trinity High School in Phoenix, 20 km south of Port Louis.
"Plastics are not biodegradable, block drains and attract mosquitoes.
They are therefore a threat to public health," he said.
The pupils were encouraging operators in shops and markets to use substitute material such as baskets made of palm leaves and paper bags.

30 september 2002 17:12:00

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