Mauritian group calls for common declaration against war

Port Louis- Mauritius (PANA) -- A Mauritian social group, Lalit, has called for a common declaration against war saying the use of arms is not an effective way to combat terrorism.
"We are neither with Bush nor with Osama bin Laden.
We reject (US) President Bush's imposition of this harmful schema," said Alain Ahvee, an official of Lalit.
"We note that in any case, it was the US secret service themselves that set up the bin Laden network and continued to use related networks until as late as 1999 in Kosovo", he said.
Ahvee emphasised that as human beings who analyse the root causes of human actions, "we ask ourselves on what kind of inequality and injustice that terrorism feeds".
"We must fight these inequalities and injustices that produce terrorism.
Does the US foreign policy and trade policy not cause harm all over the world?" he asked.
"From which arms factories do guns that cause death and suffering all over the world come? Is there equal respect for human rights of everyone on this planet? Is there equality between nation states? "What kind of piracy is being perpetrated by the US all over the world? For how long must the Palestinian people continue to suffer such cruel injustice? These are the issues that need to be addressed in order to prevent terrorism".
According to Ahvee, present day globalization led by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organisation, tend to cause further inequality and injustice.
"It is a system that has no humanity in it but only profit as a motive and it resorts to war to ensure control over oil reserves", he charged.
Ahvee said Lalit was concerned about the use of the military base at Diego Garcia to bombard the Afghan people.
He called for the prompt closing of the base and the return of the entire Chagos archipelago to the Republic of Mauritius.
He also called for the implementation of all UN resolutions on the Chagos and Palestine.

21 october 2001 12:52:00

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