Mauritanian tycoon jumps into presidential race

Nouakchott- Mauritania (PANA) -- Mauritanian billionaire, Rachid Moustapha, previously residing in Angola, but now back home since several days, has jumped into campaigning to save Mauritania from "oppression, tyranny and mismanagement" should he win the 2007 presidential election.
Rachid Moustapha, almost 40 years old, who has been so far little known by the general public, landed in Mauritania on board a private jet which he is using to tour the major towns of the country to explain why he's running for the presidency.
The Mauritanian tycoon, who's been showing out the potential of his wealth almost ostensibly by distributing money during his tour in his native region of Assaba (centre), is leading a political party, the Mauritanian Party of Renewal (PMR), to fulfil his political ambition.
In a statement issued here late Wednesday to officially announce his leadership of the PMR, the young billionaire candidate affirmed that his involvement in national politics is the result of his move to save his country from the "oppression, tyranny and mismanagement" which have been rampant since independence.
Rachid Moustapha lived in Angola for several years, and his wife is is a rich Lebanese.

26 october 2006 18:53:00

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