Mauritania's new cabinet

Nouakchott- Mauritania (PANA) -- Following is the composition of the new Mauritani an government formed on Tuesday evening, following last week's inauguration of the country's newly-elect ed President, Gen.
Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.
Minister of Justice: Baba Ould Ameida.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Naha Mint Mouknnassa Minister of Nationale Defence: Hamadi Ould Hamadi Minister of Interior and Decentralisation: Mohamed Ould Boilil Minister of Economic Affairs and Development: Sidi Ould Tah Minister of Finance: Kane Ousmane Minister of Basic Education: Ahmed Ould Idey Ould Mohamed Radhi.
Minister of Secondary and Higher Aducation: Ahmed Ould Baya.
Minister of Islamic Affairs and Original Education: Ahmed Ould Neini Minister of Civil Service: Dr Bأ¢ Coumba Minister of Employment and Professional Training: Mohamed Ould Khouna Minister of Health: Cheikh El Moctar Ould Horma Ould Babana Minister of Energy and Oil: Ahmed Ould Moulaye Ahmed Minister of Fishing and Maritime Economy: Ghdafina Ould Eyih Minister of Trade, Crafts and Tourism: Bomba Ould Dramane Minister of Housing, Urbanism and Land Development: Ismael Ould Bedde Ould Cheik h Sidya Minister of Rural Development: Brahim Ould M'Bareck Ould Mohamed El Moctar Minister of Equipment and Transports: Camara Moussa Seydi Boubou Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation: Mohamed Lemine Ould Aboye Minister of Industry and Mines: Mohamed Abdallah Ould Oudaa Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports: Ms Cissأ© Mint Cheikh Ould Boydأ© Minister of Communication and Relations with Parliament: Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Boulhary Minister of Social Affairs, Infancy and Family: Ms Moulaye Mint El Moctar Deputy-Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of Environment and Sustainable D evelopment: Dr Drissa Diarra Deputy-Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of the modernisation of Administ ration and ICTS: Wagne Abdoulaye Drissa Deputy-Minister to the Prime Minister in charge of Maghrebian Affairs: Ikebrou O uld Mohamed Secretary-General of the Government: Bأ¢ Ousmane

12 august 2009 13:15:00

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