Mauritania introduces new biometric visa delivery service

Nouakchott, Mauritania (PANA) – The Mauritanian authorities have introduced a system of biometric visa delivery service at the Nouakchott international airport.

The new service will also be in operation at PK 55 in the north of Nouadhibou, at the border with Morocco and at the country’s embassy in Paris, France.

A communiqué issued in Nouakchott on Friday by the Foreign Affairs, Interior and Tourism Ministries said the biometric visa would be issued only at these points until it was progressively introduced at all Mauritanian diplomatic missions abroad, national airports and border posts.

Biometric visa means the applicant’s picture is taken by a digital camera and his 10 fingerprints are recorded and digitalized on the spot. This is not the case now when the applicant has to provide only his picture to be pasted on the visa.

In the past, the Mauritanian authorities have created tens of legal passage entrance posts for entering or leaving the country.

Some of the posts have been equipped with funds from the European Union (EU) and technical assistance from the International Migration Organization (IMO).

These measures are part of an action plan against terrorism, transnational crime and illegal migration.

Situated between West Africa and the Maghreb, relatively close to the Spanish Canary Islands, Mauritania is regularly used as a transit point by sub-Saharan African nationals in their quest to reach the EU illegally.

However, this influx has largely reduced in the past few years.
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