Mauritania: Media highlight Paris, Saint-Denis attacks

Nouakchott, Mauritania (PANA) – The Mauritanian media this week largely commented on the terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, perpetrated on Friday, 13 November, with 129 killed and more than 300 injured for which Daech has claimed responsibility.

In an editorial, the weekly magazine "Biladi" says that the attacks that hit the French capital on Friday last week caused compassion and sadness throughout the world, and in Mauritania, the political parties denounced the horrible foreign acts against the Muslim religion which the perpetrators of the carnage claimed to belong.

“However within us, since the World Trade Centre attacks and Bin Laden, some do not hesitate to applaud this kind of attack, thinking that they have succeeded in pursuing the cause of the Muslims, victims of injustice in the world.

But they seem to forget that terrorism has left more victims in Muslim countries," says the newspaper.  

"Peace and security in Africa: as soon as the Dakar forum ends, Paris gets burnt and France radicalizes itself," said the newspaper "l’Authentique".

The newspaper therefore recounts the works of the conference held in the French capital by the Pan-African strategic institute (PSI), with the participation of hundreds of people, which preceded the Paris and Saint-Denis attacks.

The newspaper "Mauritanies" highlights the reaction of an intellectual, Mr Lo Gourmo Abdoul, also a Mauritanian politician, raising the issue of the criminal dimension of the attacks -- killing people because they are there in front of your guns, without any other reason than showing your hatred of the other person.

21 november 2015 17:17:39

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