Mansour Sow becomes Radio Senegal's new director

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The inspector responsible for mediation at Senegal's national radio station (RTS), Mansour Sow, has been appointed as director of the radio, the Senegalese Press Agency (APS) has reported.
Sow replaces Seynabou Kor who was appointed to the post in June 2000.
Kor takes up Sow's former post.
Kor, commenting on her transfer, told the press that she had no regrets.
She said that she grew up in a military family and would thus accept to go anywhere her services are required.
She added: "I was able to rejuvenate an ailing radio station with a team of young journalists.
And the Director General's announcement on 1 May to recruit all these young journalists was a great honour to me.
" Speaking after his appointment, Sow said he would work to "consolidate the excellent work that has been done, and try to meet the public's expectations.
" The new director entered the system as a reporter, then became an editor-in-chief and subsequently the director of programmes at RTS.

10 Maio 2001 10:41:00

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