Mandela to deliver Steve Biko memorial lecture

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- It's been a busy week for Nelson Mandela, the world's most famous pensioner, who announced his retirement just four months ago.
On Wednesday he flew from Mozambique where he was on holiday to Johannesburg to comfort the widow of anti-apartheid cleric Beyers Naude following Naude's death on Tuesday.
On Friday, Mandela will deliver the fifth annual Steve Biko memorial lecture at the University of Cape Town.
Hosted by the Steve Biko Foundation, this year's lecture specifically honours Mandela's former law partner and acting ANC president in exile, Oliver Tambo.
The security police murdered Biko after he made contact with the ANC in exile.
The theme of the lecture is "Celebrating Ten Years of Democracy - Remembering Tambo".
At the time of Biko's murder on September 12 1977, there was a talk of making arrangements for Biko to meet Tambo in exile mainly to discuss the development of a united political forum.
Such a meeting could have given Biko an opportunity to explain the basis of the Black Consciousness philosophy and what it stood for.

09 september 2004 13:50:00

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