Mandela takes time off to write second book

Johannesburg- South African (PANA) -- South African former President Nelson Mandela has left for an undisclosed country to complete a book expected to explain developments in the run up to the 1994 multi-racial poll in South Africa.
"It's impossible to write here.
There are so many things happening and everyone wants to see him," said Zelda la Grange, Mandela's spokesperson.
But she declined to disclose where Mandela would be living for the next eight months.
Mandela, who gets many invitations to international functions and local engagements every month, published his autobiography "Long Walk to Freedom" in 1994.
La Grange said the new book would focus on events leading up to the 1994 elections that ended apartheid, and Mandela's presidency.
It would focus on promoting reconciliation and informing people about what happened in the run up to the elections, she said.
"I think generally people are not aware of what happened before the elections, the way the negotiations happened and the whole development.
It is crucial that people have that knowledge," La Grange added.
"The miracle that everyone is referring to, why this country did not go up on flames .
he will explain even the smallest contributions," she said.
La Grange revealed that Mandela started writing the book a month ago, but has been so busy with public engagements that he needs to spend time away from South Africa to complete it.
Mandela, will however, be coming home on regular basis to fulfil engagements that have already been scheduled.
"His main aims will be the clinics and schools projects as well as the Burundi peace negotiations," La Grange said.
She could not confirm if Mandela's wife, Graca Machel, has accompanied him overseas.
"It depends on her schedule, she is also very busy.
But from time to time, she will spend time with him abroad," La Grange said.

08 may 2001 07:44:00

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