Mandela releases rare personal sketches

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Celebrated statesperson Nelson Mandela thrilled the art world Friday night when he unveiled a series of sketches he created of Robben Island prison, where he spent many years incarcerated.
The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate launched his collection called 'A Touch of Mandela' on the famous island at a glittering ceremony.
The art works, which were sketched by Mandela between March and June 2002, include 21 charcoal sketches of subjects from Robben Island -- images Mandela found meaningful both symbolically and emotionally, during the period of his incarceration.
The sketches have been executed in simple black charcoal lines with elements highlighted in pure pastel colours.
Two personalised impressions by Mandela showing his hand print and those of African children affected by AIDS fetched a million rand (US$119,000) at the auction.
Andy McDonald, chair of British record company Independiete, was the highest bidder.
Personalised copies of five drawings on Robben Island were sold to Dennis Roach, chief executive of British sports management company ProInternational for 850,000 rand (US$101,000).
Speaking at the event, Mandela said he wanted the use of colour to reflect celebration as opposed to the grey that Robben Island represented to prisoners.

08 february 2003 09:54:00

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