Mandela launches campaign to aid African AIDS orphans

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- World statesman Nelson Mandela on Monday launched a new funding campaign to help educate millions of African children orphaned by the deadly disease AIDS.
Speaking at the launch in Cape Town, Mandela said education was crucial towards giving children better opportunities.
"No child in Africa, and in fact anywhere in the world, should be denied education," he said.
The Schools for Africa campaign aims to mobilise funding to build or renovate schools in six African countries scarred by years of civil war, poverty and disease.
The new campaign is a joint venture with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, UNICEF and Germany's Hamburg Society for the Promotion of Democracy and International Law.
It aims to help bring schooling to millions of children in South Africa, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zimbabwe - countries that have been particularly hard hit by AIDS.
Mandela called on the international community to donate to the scheme.

06 december 2004 13:43:00

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