Mandela goes into seclusion to finish his memoirs

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Former President Nelson Mandela has gone into seclusion in a desperate attempt to complete his memoirs before his 85th birthday in July this year.
The memoirs will be published as a sequel to his international best-selling autobiography, "Long Walk To Freedom," and it will include Mandela's account of his term as South Africa's first democratically elected president from 1994 to 1999.
"Long Walk To Freedom" chartered Mandela's childhood and rise to prominence as a lawyer in Johannesburg.
It covered his rise as a politician, his arrest on charges of treason as well as the 28 years he spent incarcerated in South African prisons.
Mandela's spokesperson, Zelda la Grange, confirmed to PANA that Mandela was behind schedule with his memoirs because he has had a number of public engagements over the past few months.
As a result, she said, Mandela is staying on a farm in the Limpopo Province, "where he has the peace and quiet he needs to complete this task.

25 february 2003 10:00:00

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