Mandela for official visit to Algeria next week

Algiers- Algeria (PANA) -- Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa is expected here next week on the invitation of the Algerian government to participate in memorial programmes for Ahmed Ben Bella, first president of Algeria.
Besides attending the jubilee of his friend Ahmed Ben Bella in Maghnia, 500km west of Algiers, native city of the first Algerian president, Mandela, the symbol of the anti-Apartheid struggle and co-founder of the African National Congress (ANC), will engage in intense political activities and visit several Algerian cities.
Mandela, expected to hold talks with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, will hold several lecture forums on the South African experience in national reconciliation and explain approaches taken by South Africans to become successful.
He will also address MPs, civil society organisations and families of the "victims of the national tragedy".
Mandela, a Nobel Peace laureate, will meet with politicians of all shades and experts on cultural and engage in an awareness campaign for national reconciliation and general amnesty that remains the priority of President Bouteflika.

03 april 2005 17:13:00

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