Mandela commends Libya for supporting anti-apartheid struggle

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Visiting former South African President Nelson Mandela has hailed Libya for supporting the people of South Africa in the dismantlement of apartheid, official sources said here Friday.
"all the forms of support provided by Libya and its positions in favour of the South African people's struggle cannot be forgotten and would go down in history," the elder African statesman was quoted as saying at a meeting with Libyan leader Moammar Kadhafi.
Mandela, a Nobel Peace laureate and winner of the Kadhafi International Foundation Human Rights Award, paid tribute to the Libyan leader for his untiring Pan-Africanist efforts, including the launch of the African Union (AU), and support for the idea of a United States of Africa, the dream of several generations of Africans.
The former South African leader, who arrived here Thursday urged the Kadhafi to persevere in his efforts to accomplish this mission, which he described as one of the noblest missions in African history.
In his remarks, Kadhafi said: "I implore God to extend my life so that I can see the realisation of the United States of Africa, which Africa's founding fathers and wise men have called and fought for, for many years.

11 november 2005 21:26:00

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