Mandela Day: FIFA President hails Mandela's ''inspirational example''

Johannesburg, South Africa (PANA) - President Sepp Blatter of world soccer's governing body, FIFA, has written to former South African President Nelson Mandela to wish him a happy 95th birthday and offer praise for the “inspirational example” he continues to set.

According to the official FIFA website, Blatter’s message on this landmark occasion, which coincides with the Nelson Mandela International Day, was simple: “Let’s celebrate humanity!”

“I would like to join the chorus of voices around the world wishing you all the best on your 95th birthday. Today we remember your courageous fight against oppression and the inspirational example you set to others who are battling injustice. And in the football world, we above all remember your championing of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, transforming it into a true celebration of humanity,'' Blatter wrote in the letter.

“May this message transmit to you all the energy, strength and goodwill of the football community as you continue your recovery from illness,” he added.

PANA reports that Mandela is currently being treated in hospital for a recurring lung infection, and Blatter's letter concludes with the sentiments: "Thinking of you and thanking you for all that you have done for humanity."

Mandela played a prominent role in FIFA's award to South Africa of the hosting rights for the 2010 World Cup, the first time the tournament was held on the African soil.
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