Mandela, Graca visit teenage rape victim

Johannesburg- South Africa (PANA) -- Former South African president Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel on Tuesday met a 17-year-old girl who was raped and shot recently after being kidnapped near Pretoria.
A statement issued by Mandela's office said the former South African President and his wife expressed their disgust over the incident.
"No person damaging a young life like this should remain unpunished," said Mandela, who expressed his confidence in the judiciary system.
Mandela urged the girl to turn the tragedy into triumph as he promised to find a sponsor for the girl's education, the statement said.
Detectives from the Pretoria Serious Crime and Violent Unit said four men were arrested over the weekend in connection with the incident.
The girl was raped after she was abducted while walking home with her boyfriend.
The same gunmen had earlier hijacked Janine Drennen (24), her one-year-old baby girl Kayla, and her fiance's mother Hester Rawstone, 52, in Sunnyside, Pretoria who were shot and killed.
The gunmen first shot Rawstone and later raped Drennen and the teenage girl before forcing Drennen to watch them shoot Kayla.
Drennen was shot in the leg and the teenager who survived by pretending to be dead was shot in the mouth.
Mandela and Machel also sent their condolences to the Drennen and Rawstone families.

12 august 2003 16:32:00

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