Man jailed two years for insulting Zambian president

Lusaka- Zambia (PANA) -- A Lusaka magistrate's court has sentenced a 27-year-old man to two years imprisonment and hard labour for insulting President Frederick Chiluba last April, the local press reported Wednesday.
Principle resident magistrate Frank Tembo on Tuesday sent Wilfred Nkabeka, an estate agent in Lusaka, to jail for uttering defamatory remarks against the president.
Nkabeka who had complained about the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy and its leader, allegedly referred to President Chiluba as "stupid" and insulted his father at a bar in Lusaka last April.
Passing sentence, Tembo noted that cases of defaming the President were on the increase.
He said the courts had a duty to mete out stiff punishment on offenders to protect the integrity of high office.
In mitigation, Nkabeka pleaded for leniency, saying that he had received adequate punishment for the seven months which he spent in remand prison and would not repeat the offence.

31 octobre 2001 09:51:00

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