Malnutrition hits hard in war-torn Burundi

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- Health authorities in Burundi are embarking on a nutrition programme that emphasises public knowledge of balanced diet for adults as well as children.
According to the country's director of infectious and nutritional deficiency diseases, Gerome Ndaruhutse, a large section of the population suffers from malnutrition.
The programme emphasises nutritional education in all locations where the people do not have balanced diet in spite of the abundance of resources, Ndaruhutse said.
He said 57 percent of the under-fives in Burundi were stunted and suffered from disorders related to iodine deficiency.
Around 385,000 Barundi survive on food handouts from the World Food Programme.
In addition, the UN agency caters for over 24,000 people monthly at 233 intensive feeding centres.
Over one million war-displaced people and refugees have lost their farming plots in a country where at least 90 percent of the population live on a subsistence agriculture.

16 décembre 2002 19:58:00

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