Malian nationals quite Cote d'Ivoire for security reasons

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- More than a hundred Malians returned home from Cote d'Ivoire last week, allegedly for "security reasons," sources in Bamako said Monday.
The 130 returnees from northern Cote d'Ivoire said they had been ill-treated by both Ivorian civilians and security forces.
They said upon arrival at the border region of Sikasso, some 380 km from Bamako, they received some assistance from the Malian Consulate in Abidjan.
Observers note that for several months now, foreign nationals living in Cote d'Ivoire, especially Malians and Burkinabes, have suffered different forms of ill-treatment by the host country.
They are suspected of supporting the former Ivoirian Prime Minister Alassane Dramane Ouattara, whose candidacy for both the presidential and the parliamentary elections were rejected on grounds of "doubtful citizenship.
About two million Malians are said to live in Cote d'Ivoire, working in coffee and cocoa plantations.
Some are also involved in petty trading and other activities in the informal sector.

30 april 2001 20:23:00

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