Malian Diaspora meets in Bamako

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- President Amadou Toumani Toure opened the first ever forum of foreign-based Malians here Monday, with more than 200 delegates in attendance.
Among those attending the five-day meeting are NASA inter- planetary navigator Cheik Modibo Diarra and Jean Amadou Tigana, French football international.
Themes lined up for discussion include the organisation and management of the Malian Diaspora, the involvement of foreign- based Malians abroad in the country's development process, the promotion and protection of Malian executives working in international organisations, and mobilisation of the Malian intelligentsia.
Malians have strong migratory tendencies, and the country counts on income sent back home by its nationals living and working abroad, estimated at about 4 million.

13 أكتوبر 2003 20:35:00

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