Mali moves to prevent AIDS among truck drivers

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- Malian health minister Dr Traore Fatoumata Nafo launched Tuesday in Bamako an operation aimed at preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS among truck drivers plying along inter-state roads in West Africa.
The operation whose slogan is "drive under protection" was initiated by an NGO, Population Services International and the US Agency for International Development.
Its main objective is to raise AIDS awareness among drivers, who are frequent travellers on the sub-region's main roads.
This awareness campaign revolves around "educating peers" and the provision of educational materials to sex workers, drivers, or hawkers at bus stops.
According to a survey conducted in 1994, 8 percent of truck drivers in Mali were living with HIV/AIDS, which was three times higher than the average among the rest of the population.

08 august 2001 15:38:00

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