Mali launches integrated immunization drive December

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- The Malian government and the Voice of Africa Project plan to organise a national immunization drive among children, aged up to five years , against measles, poliomyelitis, worms, the Health Ministry told PANA Tuesday.
The drive, targetting 2.
8 million children, will also help distribute treated mo squito nets and vitamin A and albendazole to children.
The ministry has already taken delivery of a sizeable batch of medical equipme nt, mostly donated by the country's technical and financial partners.
The batch comprises vaccines against measles, poliomyelitis, vitamin A capsules, Albendazole tablets, first-aid kits, syringes for a total cost estimated at ove r six billion CFA francs.

27 november 2007 20:43:00

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