Mali: Surveillance on Mali's last Ebola contacts ends

Bamako, Mali (PANA) – Mali could soon be declared free of the Ebola virus disease after the 21-day surveillance of the last 13 contacts was lifted Monday, according to a communique issued at the end of an inter-ministerial conference on the management of the epidemic under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Moussa Mara.

The communiqué said that the state of “Ebola free” could be declared in the coming few weeks and, thereafter, emphasis would be maintained on routine control, including prevention, sensitization and against stigmatization as well as checking unfounded reports about the epidemic.

Over the past week 4,685 vehicles were checked together with 29,785 passengers who were travelling on those vehicles. Checks were also carried out on 8 flights which had 1,130 passengers.

During the same week, in the health corridor of Kourémalé (bordering Guinea) a suspected person from Guinea was arrested on the outskirts of Siby while heading to Bamako after deliberately avoiding the border check-point.

The person was sent back to Guinea in consultation with Guinean authorities who had raised the alert on time.

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16 december 2014 17:22:03

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