Mali: National vaccination campaign for animals launched

Bamako, Mali (PANA) - Mali on Sunday launched a national campaign to vaccinate its animals, including 9.7 million cattle, 13 million sheep, 18 million goats, 35 million poultry and 800,000 camels , PANA learnt from official sources.

The launching ceremony was chaired by the Malian Head of State, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, in Markacoungo, a town 75 kilometres away from the capital, Bamako.

The first dose of vaccine was symbolically jabbed at a bovine by President Keita in the new park for animal vaccination in Markacoungo .

He had previously handed over to Dr. Oumar Macky Tounkara, President of the Association of Malian Veterinarians, coolers containing 10,000 doses of vaccines, syringes and gloves.

The event marks the official launch of the annual vaccination campaign for animals against major epidemic diseases such as contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, bacterial and symptomatic anthrax, FMD and Newcastle disease in poultry.

Operational since 1979, the Malian Central Veterinary  Laboratory (LCV) is the technical entity that monitors animal health in Mali and even outside the country.

Its vaccines are sold in several African countries such as Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, Gabon, Angola and DR Congo.

Malian livestock accounts for 38 per cent of the gross national product (GNP) and 12 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).

Approximately 20 per cent of live animals are exported and livestock represents Mali’s third export product after gold and cotton.

Revenue from livestock exports are estimated at between 55 and 60 billion CFA francs per year.

In terms of livestock numbers, Mali ranks second after Nigeria in ECOWAS.
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