Mali: Doctors, health technicians trained on Ebola outbreak

Bamako, Mali (PANA) – The Malian national support centre for diseases (CNAM) in Bamako has held a training session for doctors, senior health technicians and community development agents following recent fresh cases of the Ebola virus disease in Guinea and Sierra Leone, according to a communiqué issued on Thursday by the Malian ministry of Health and Public Hygiene.

Presided by the CNAM Managing Director, Dr Abdoulaye Néné Coulibaly, the session was initiated by the Centre in partnership with the International Medical Corps (IMC) and focused on follow-up of suspected cases, treatment and management of confirmed cases.  

The communique said that the fight against Ebola had significantly died down in Mali, but the fresh cases in the two countries required continuing vigilance to contain the risks of re-contamination from neighbouring Guinea.

“Therefore, there is urgent need to still maintain the prevention system at all levels. Mali already has health corridors established in villages at the borders with Guinea," said Dr Coulibaly.

The control system is based on checking of temperature and the observation of hygienic measures, particularly hand washing. Huge efforts have also been made on information and sensitization to protect the people.
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