MPs Want Government to Use Dormant Accounts to Fight Aids

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Kenya's Members of Parliament urged the government Thursday to access all dormant bank accounts and use the money to fight the Aids scourge.
The legislators claimed some company executives were taking advantage of their positions to access such accounts for personal use.
"We can use the money in those accounts to fund the fight against Aids and channel some of it to financing projects for street children," Kiharu constituency MP, Ngenye Kariuki said.
Two other MPs supported Kariuki but an assistant minister for finance, Charles Kirui, denied there were executives withdrawing money from dormant accounts.
Kariuki, a long serving broker on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, took the minister to task saying that he had evidence to the effect.
"Just recently the Kenya Commercial Bank which is partly government-owned converted some Kshs 397 million (about 5.
09 million dollars) from dormant accounts and incorporated it into profits to be dished out to shareholders," the MP said.
According to Kariuki, the targeted accounts included those whose owners had died, emigrated or just forgot about them.
Such accounts could now be topping Kshs 10 billion (about 128 million dollars), he said.
Kirui undertook to investigate the matter although he was not categorical whether the money could be used to fight Aids as the MPs demanded.
Meanwhile, a German pharmaceutical firm was Thursday given the go-ahead to donate to Kenya a drug for checking mother-to- child HIV transmission.
Assistant health minister Abdullahi Wako said that Boehringer Ingelheim has been allowed to give Kenya the Nevirapine drug.

28 june 2001 17:20:00

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