Lines open at midnight for the world to call Mandela

Cape Town- South Africa (PANA) -- Millions of people from around the world are expected join the quest for a new record of the most birthday wishes ever received by an individual in one day, when they call to wish former President Nelson Mandela a "Happy Birthday" on his 85th birthday on Friday.
South African Telecommunications company Telkom is facilitating a phone-in campaign to set a Guinness Book World Record, and a portion of the proceedings from all the birthday wishes will go to the Nelson Mandela Foundation.
The phone-in numbers for the campaign are 086 7111885 for calls made within South Africa and +27 12 MANDELA (+27 12 626 3352) for calls from the rest of the globe.
Birthday wishes on the lines are set to start pouring in with the official launch of the phone-in on Thursday.
Friday is D-Day for the campaign as the attempt to outdo the only existing Guinness World Record of birthday wishes sent by post reaches its peak.
The actual world record attempt starts from Friday morning at 12 am, and the proceeds of the phone-in campaign will be handed over to the Nelson Mandela Foundation at a function on Saturday.
To manage the phone traffic, Telkom has installed 100 primary rate ISDN lines, which can handle a total of 3,000 calls simultaneously.

17 july 2003 14:16:00

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