Libyan paper says no free press exists in the world

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- "Press freedom has made no progress in the world since World Press Day was proclaimed on 3 May 1991, the Libyan daily "Al-Fajr al'Jadid" observes in its Thursday issue.
According to the paper, the Western media which "pretends to be free and to defend human rights and freedom of expression, has never been free".
Al-Fajr al-Jadid notes that "the western media is dominated by Zionist lobbyists and multinational companies which exploit them to serve their own colonialist interests.
" The editorial writer of the Libyan paper points out that the problem of press freedom was directly linked to that of democracy throughout the world.
"The conflict on the freedom of the press and of expression will continue as long as the problem of democracy remains unsolved," the Libyan paper concludes.

03 may 2001 16:05:00

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