Libyan legislature commends African leaders

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The General Peoples' Congress (GPC), Libya's highest legislative body, has praised efforts made by Col.
Mouammar Kadhafi and other African leaders to forge the African Union that was proclaimed last July in Lusaka, Zambia.
In a statement issued at the end of its annual session for 2001, the GPC called on African countries to provide the requisite moral and material support towards setting up the structures and institutions of the AU.
Away from the continent, the release hailed what it described as the "heroic intifada" of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation, and reaffirmed the total support of the Libyan people for the Palestinian cause.
It said the Palestinian issue would be resolved only when all Palestinians return to their homeland and establish a democratic state in which all citizens, regardless of race or creed, get equal treatment "as was the case in South Africa".
The GPC said Libya was closely monitoring the situation between Iraq and Kuwait, and strongly denounced what it said was the daily violations of Iraq's sovereignty, as well as reaffirmed total solidarity with the Iraqi people.
It called on Arab countries and all peace-loving nations to lift the embargo imposed on Iraq and resume flights to Baghdad as a form of support to the Iraqi people.
That notwithstanding, the release reiterated Kuwait's right to a sovereign territory and called on parties involved in the dispute to find a solution to the problem of Kuwaiti prisoners.
The GPC also reaffirmed Libya's total support to Lebanon and Syria "in their fight against Israeli aggression and provocation" as well as efforts to recover their occupied territories.
At the sub regional level, the CPG statement stressed the importance of revamping the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) that groups Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania.
Elsewhere, it insisted that talks between the Libyan Jamahiriya, Great Britain and the United States, were the only means of building cooperation links based on mutual respect.
The GPC reaffirmed the innocence of Libyan national Abdelbacet Al-Magrahi, convicted over the 1988 PANAM airline bombing in which more than 200 people were killed.
It maintained that the sentence against Al-Magrahi was outright political.
The GPC statement reaffirmed Libya's right to compensation for hardships suffered under a western embargo as well as damage caused the country's image by a 1986 American air strike.
The General Peoples' Congress accepted the Italian government's apologies to the Libyan people, while calling for the materialisation of an undertaking concluded between the two countries.

03 september 2001 21:15:00

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