Libyan diplomat answers Annan on leadership mandate

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Faouzi Hamza, Head of the Africa Department of the Libyan Foreign Ministry said in Tripoli Wednesday the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has no right to give instructions against the change of Constitutions in African countries.
The UN boss reportedly criticised leaders who changed their countries' constitutions to prolong their mandate.
In an interview with PANA, the Libyan diplomat said the mandate of a Head of State should be left open because as a leader at the service of his people, he should be given the opportunity to pursue his mission.
According to Hamza, Constitutions should be no hindrance for "serious Heads of State with a clear-cut programme aimed at pulling their countries out of under-development and who enjoy the trust of their people.
" He said a Constitution, which he likened to "a dead letter," should not limit the mandate of a "serious" president, adding that this would be a loss to his country and to the continent.
"The rule should not consist in the limitation of mandates, but rather in the respect of the people's will," Hamza stressed.

07 july 2004 15:54:00

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