Libya's warring tribes agree to end violent clash

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - Libya's warring Al-Zouei and Toubou tribes have reached an agreement to cease fire, a spokesman for the Libyan army staff, Colonel Ali Al-Chikhi, announced here.

The agreement was reached between the two parties at a peace meeting held in Kouffra, south eastern Libya.

The peace meeting was held under the auspices of a representative of the General Staff of the Army and the Council of Elders in city of Ajdabiya (east), the army spokesperson said.

Armed clashes involving the Toubous (black nomads) and members of the Arab tribe Al-Zouei
broke out recently in the town of Kufra, leaving 31 people dead and over 90 injured.
-0- PANA BY/JSG/JEN/VAO 19June2012

19 june 2012 14:05:12

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