Libya hosts extended meeting on Darfur

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- A meeting seeking the involvement of Colonel Kadhafi in the search for peace in Sudan's restive region of Darfur was held Thursday evening in Syrte, 450 km east of Tripoli, attended by Libyan, Sudanese, Chadian and African Union officials, the Libyan news agency JANA indicated Friday.
Among those who attended the meeting, JANA cited AU Commission chairperson Alpha Oumar Konare, Libyan Foreign minister Abderrahman Chalgham, Sudanese Agriculture minister Al-Majdoub Khalifa and Chadian Foreign minister Nagoum Yamassoum.
It said the meeting reviewed decisions taken on the Darfur crisis at the last AU summit in Addis Ababa and at the Arab League, as well as mechanisms suggested to settle the crisis through the pan-African organisation and its Peace and Security Council.
At the end of the meeting, the Sudanese Agriculture minister said Kadhafi's cooperation with his African peers had enabled some progress towards containing the crisis in Darfur.
"We are in Libya to follow up previous meetings with the Libyan leader and to urge him to intervene in support of AU efforts in the settlement of this crisis," Khalifa explained.
Similarly, the Chadian Foreign minister said Kadhafi's wisdom and clairvoyance as well as his role as a pioneer for the building of security and stability throughout Africa would be decisive in the search for a solution to the Darfur problem.
His Libyan counterpart said the meeting renewed calls for Kadhafi to intervene in the crisis and prop AU efforts so as to prevent any foreign (non-African) intervention.
Chalgham said participants recommended a speeding up consultations within the AU for the planned resumption of talks on Darfur, billed for 23 August in Abuja, Nigeria.
He said contacts were continuing for the restoration of security in Darfur.

13 august 2004 12:45:00

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