Libya condemns saboteurs of people's choices

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- Citizens in Libya have condemned outright the "vain attempts" by Libyan exiles to discredit the people's choices as embodied by the people's power and current direct democracy in the country.
The condemnations were made by the various people's congresses at the grassroots (the highest Libyan authority) that have just ended their 2005 session, and other grassroots bodies.
The Libyan people's social commands, student and women masses, as well as youth associations also expressed their views in statements sent to PANA this weekend.
They denounced a recent meeting held by the Libyan opposition abroad, describing the participants as "group of traitors, mercenary agents and people wanted by the (Libyan) court" of law.
"Libya is no longer a retrograde and resigned country ruled by family clans," the statements say, adding, "the return to the reactionary and retrograde society, representation and nepotism system and obscurantism belong to the realms of illusion and imagination.
" Since March 1977, when the people's power was proclaimed, Libya has become a popular state, where democracy is sovereignly placed between the hands of the members of the people's congresses at the grassroots, the society members added.
They described the participants to the opposition's meeting as "sailing against the current of history," adding that most or all of them are involved in criminal affairs and wanted by the police.
The various statements ask the justice minister, in coordination with the foreign minister, to take the necessary measures to inform the relevant authorities of the countries where these "outlaws" live about the crimes and offences they committed and bring them before a court of law.

03 juillet 2005 11:28:00

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