Libya:Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines suspend flights to Libya

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - German Airline Lufthansa and the Austrian Airlines have suspended flights to Libya indefinitely, after a security incident at the Tripoli airport two weeks ago.

The airlines announced the suspension Monday.

PANA reports that on 21 March, a bomb exploded on the tarmac of the airport, resulting in the suspension for more than six hours of all flights.

Alitalia and British Airways have also suspended their flights.

Tripoli international airport is often targeted by armed groups.

PANA reports that the security of the airport is controlled by armed groups working for the military council of Zenten - the ex-rebels who refuse to submit to the authorities.
-0- PANA BY/JSG/KND/SEG 8April2014

08 april 2014 13:54:04

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