Libya: West condemns 'foreign interference' in Libya after mysterious air raids

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – Several western countries on Tuesday condemned "foreign interference" in Libya after a US official said that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) secretly carried out air raids in Libya with the help of Egypt.

The United States, France, Germany, Italy and Britain have called for the easing of tension in Libya, which is being torn apart by a fierce power struggle, the newspaper al-Wassat reported.

A US official said that the United Arab Emirates secretly carried out air raids against Islamist armed groups in Libya with the help of Egypt, sparking strong condemnation from western countries of what they consider as "foreign interference".

Quoting the New York Times, Al-Wassat reported that the first raid was carried out a week ago in Tripoli and targeted armed groups and armament warehouses, killing six.

According to the newspaper, the Emirates used their fighter jets and equipment to carry out those raids, while Egypt provided the air bases.

Al-Wassat said that the information was confirmed to the press by two US officials without clarifying whether Washington had been informed or not, stressing simply that the US took part neither directly nor indirectly in the air strikes.

The same source said that the Arab League envoy in Libya, Nasr Al-Koudwa, said that the air strikes which targeted the Libyan capital recently “were carried out by non-Arab States”, underlining that “the airplanes were coming from the Mediterranean”.

Egypt on Tuesday denied any direct or indirect involvement in the air strikes but the UAE has so far not reacted to the accusations.
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