Libya: Turkish Airlines suspends flights to all Libyan airports

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – The Turkish Airlines on Tuesday announced the suspension of all its flights to Libya, saying the decision followed the deteriorating security situation in the north African country, according to a communique issued here by the airlines.

In the communiqué, the airline said it will no longer carry out flights to the other Libyan cities, including flights to Tripoli, Benghazi and Sebha.

Turkish Airlines, which is the only airline still operating in Libya, had on Monday suspended its flights to Misrata for the same reason.

The decision, according to the airline, comes after the chief of the Libyan air force, Gen. Saghar al-Jarouchi, threatened to attack the Qatari and Turkish airplanes (civil or military) for allegedly carrying soldiers and equipment and using the Misrata airport.

Gen. Al-Jarouchi had on 21 November declared the airports of Misrata and Maitigua, as well as the military ports of Misrata, Sirte and Zouara as military zones, saying that the planes or boats that leave from those places would be searched thoroughly.
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06 january 2015 14:50:05

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