Libya: Over 100 Libyans referred abroad for medical care

Beidha, Libya (PANA) – Libya's Ministry of Health has spent over US$ 476,000 on 102 Libyans who were injured in different armed clashes and taken abroad for specialised medical treatment between July and December 2015, it was officially disclosed here Sunday.

According to Moetaz Trabelsi, director of the Information and Sensitization Office at the ministry, the statistics were published in line with the Libyan interim government's policy of transparency in relation to patients referred abroad for medical care.

He said the ministry had contracts with specialised private hospitals abroad, based on the principles of quality of therapeutic and technical controls.

Mr Trabelsi, however, pointed out that overseas treatment was marred by irregularities and corruption, as thousands of cases evacuated for medical treatment since the 17 February 2011 revolution caused huge debts and arrears of payment to several private hospitals, particularly in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and France.

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10 january 2016 15:23:45

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