Libya: Martin Kobler pays tribute to Libyan women

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – As part of celebrations in Libya marking the international women’s day, Mr. Martin Kobler, the special representative of the UN Secretary General and chief of the UN mission in Libya (UNSMIL), says Libyan women showed a lot of courage in playing key roles in the 2011 revolution in their country.

In a message on Wednesday evening to Libyan women, Mr Kobler said "women today play key role in the preservation of the liberty of their families against fear and liberty against need."

He deplored that women were often deprived of their true freedom of speech and absent in the political life, and pleaded for equitable participation of women at all levels of the Libyan political and social life so that security, peace and prosperity can be attained in Libya.

"Libyan women provided crucial aid to vulnerable people affected by armed conflicts, which was recognised beyong the country’s borders," Mr kobler said , adding that Libyan women were very often affected by the conflict and were the most vulnerable to abductions, physical assaults and other forms of violence.

He praised their courage by pointing out particularly that recently, Libyan women were applauded all across the region and the world when they rose up, united and unified, against a ban preventing them from traveling outside Libya.

"What women demand today will shape the future of young girls and the generations to come in Libya, to live a free life without fear, violence, conflict, with access to education, technology and knowledge," he said in his message.
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09 march 2017 12:55:33

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