Libya: Libyan plane banned from Cyprus air space

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – Cyprus has banned a plane of the Libyan airline, Afriqiyah Airways, from flying in its air space, as it applies the orders of by the European airport authorities banning Libyan planes from flying in European Union air space.

The plane, which was flying to the Turkish capital, Istanbul, was forced to fly back to land at the Libyan international airport of Lebrag, the spokesperson for Afriqiyah Airways, Mazen Abdel Aal, said in a press statement on Saturday.

Mr Abdel Aal said that the Cypriot authorities decided to apply the decision of the European Union banning the movement of Libyan airplanes in European air space.

The spokesperson for the airline added that the ban did not, however, affect two aircraft to be hired by the airline from Georgia, and which will take off directly from Libyan airports of Misrata in the east and Maitigua in Tripoli, bound for Turkey without passing through Cyprus.

The European Union banned planes of all Libyan airlines from flying over European air space after updating its list of countries banned from European space by the European aviation security authorities in December.
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10 january 2015 14:36:07

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