Libya: Flights resume at Maitigua airport near Tripoli

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - Activities at the Maitigua international airport, east of Tripoli, suspended for several hours on Sunday following armed clashes in the region of Tajoura, have resumed, according to airport sources.

"The situation is back to normal and the traffic of passengers and goods has resumed with the first international flight already taken off carrying several people wounded in the attack," the sources said without specifying which country they were being taken to.

The clashes accounted for the death of four persons and 10 wounded, leading to the closure of the airport until adequate security is guaranteed.

Maitigua airport remains the only functional airport after Tripoli airport was closed in July following attacks by "Fajr Libya" forces, an armed group from Misrata which dislodged the Zenten ex-rebels who were in control of the airport after the fall of the Mouammar Khaddafi regime in 2011.
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17 november 2014 12:43:21

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