Libya: Army 'takes control' of new strategic sites in Benghazi

Benghazi, Libya (PANA) – The Libyan army has announced that it has taken control of new strategic sites in the eastern city of Benghazi, after flushing out elements of the Libyan branch of the terrorist organization Daech (Islamic State) and other militias.

The operation is part of a new offensive to win a decisive victory against armed Islamist groups, it said in a communique on Thursday.

It said the general army command said that the army and the troops supporting it, including youths from the city of Benghazi, took control of the general headquarters of the air force as well as some streets, thus tightening the noose around the small groups which found refuge on the main road of Bouatni.

The Libyan army command said that several strategic places in the city were liberated from the hands of the terrorist groups in the centre of Bouatni, regarded as strategic sites for the terrorist groups, after its fiercest battle since the beginning of the "Operation Hatef" launched days ago by the Libyan army to liberate the city.
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24 september 2015 21:06:46

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