Libya: Arab League appeals for speedy resolution of Libyan crisis

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - The League of Arab States Wednesday evening appealed for a speedy resolution of the crisis rocking Libya and expressed support for the Libyan people and its legitimate institutions.

In a statement, the Arab League particularly underlined the need to support the Parliament and the Libyan legitimate government elected from it, in order to successfully combat those who are behind the unrest in the country.

It urges Parliament to open its doors to the other political forces and to take measures to bring back the rest of its members, who still refuse to take part in its meetings.

It also called on the Parliament and the government to continue working together to isolate and counter the terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Arab League has also called on the international community, particularly the Security Council, the Arab countries and Libya's neighbouring countries, to do what is necessary to move the Libyan peace process forward.

Libya has been in turmoil for several months, resulting in hundreds killed and thousands displaced.
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23 october 2014 14:15:37

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