Libya: AU, Arab League support Libya's democratic process

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – Libya’s efforts aimed at promoting its democratic process are supported at regional and international levels, Mohamed Abdelaziz, the Libyan Foreign Minister, said while ensuring that the Arab League, the African Union (AU) as well as other organizations are also providing support to Libya.

In a statement issued on the sidelines of the visit of Naser al-Koudwa, envoy of the Secretary General of the Arab League, Abdelaziz said the visit reflects the will of the Arab League to activate its political role in accordance with its mission towards all Arab countries, especially in matters of common interest.

Naser al-Koudwa, Special Envoy of the Arab League, Wednesday held talks with Libyan Prime Minister Abdallah al-Teni on how to help Libya pass from the state of revolution to the rule of law and strong institutions, the Libyan news agency LANA quoted the head of the Libyan diplomacy as saying.

The two sides exchanged views on the current situation in Libya, including security and the results of parliamentary elections.

The two leaders also exchanged views on the forthcoming meeting of Libya's neighbouring countries, to be held in Tunisia on the formulation of ideas likely to promote support for Libya.

The countries -- Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger and Tunisia -- will meet 13-14 July, with representatives of the League of Arab States and the African Union (AU) participating.
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