Libya: 12 killed, 23 wounded in violence in Libya in September, says UNSML

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSML) has stated in its monthly report issued on Monday evening in Tripoli that 12 civilians were killed and 23 others injured in violence in the North African country in September 2017.

These figures show the persistence of insecurity in the country, which has been in chaos for more than six years.

The majority of civilian victims were caused by explosive remnants of war (5 dead and 5 injured) and gun shots (4 dead and 6 wounded), said the report which added that the exact causes of 3 deaths and 12 injuries were unknown, but likely to result from bombing or gun shots.

UNSML reported 5 deaths and 12 injuries in Sabratha; 5 deaths and 8 injuries in Benghazi; 3 injured in Derna; 1 death each in Zaouia and Tobruk.

Libya has been in chaos since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's regime in 2011 as all the structures and institutions of State have disappeared. The country has been without any state security bodies, creating fertile grounds for the emergence of militias and other armed groups that control various areas.

There has been arms proliferation with more than 23 million weapons circulating in the country thus exacerbating violence and thwarting all attempts to peacefully resolve the crisis.

A political process for a negotiated solution under the auspices of the United Nations Support  Mission in Libya resulted in a political agreement in 2015 in Skhirat, Morocco, but this has not been implemented due to the disagreements among the protagonists.

Recently the head of UNSML, Ghassan Salame, launched in Tunis, the first phase of its action  plan to resolve the crisis.

This phase, devoted to the revision of the political agreement, concluded on Sunday with a consensus to restructure the executive in such a way that the Presidential Council be composed of one president and two vice-presidents, instead of six, and separation of the Presidential Council and the post of Prime Minister.

The UN action plan is based on three phases spread over one year - revise the political agreement, adopt a constitution and hold general elections.
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