Libya, India hold bilateral talks in Sirte

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- Libyan Minister of External Relations and International Co-operation, Abderrahman Chalgham, held talks Saturday with visiting Indian Senior Minister for Foreign Affairs, Raw Ind Rejit, who brought a special message from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to Libayn leader Colonel Moammar Kadhafi.
Official sources here said Sunday the Indian Minister commended Kadhafi's efforts in the unification of Africa, through the birth of the African Union, and the building and strengthening of its institutions and structures.
Rejit also said India was supporting the control of HIV/AIDS in Africa with funds.
The Indian Minister also held talks in Sirte with Souleiman Chehoumi, Secretary for Foreign Affairs in the General People's Congress (CGP), Libya's highest legislative body, on the stengthening of relations between the CGP and the Indian parliament.

03 july 2005 19:35:00

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