Libya, Egypt propose interim government in Sudan

Khartoum- Sudan (PANA) -- Libya and Egypt have proposed an interim government as an initial step at ending the protracted war in Sudan, press reports said in Khartoum Wednesday.
The proposal was contained in a memo they despatched Tuesday to the government, the opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA) including John Garang's Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) and the opposition Umma (Nation) Party of former premier Sadik el Mahdi.
According to press reports, Egypt and Libya proposed for the interim government to hold a conference that would chart the country's constitutional future and prepare for free general elections.
The memo re-affirmed the unity of Sudan and said citizenship should be the basis of any legislation.
It said the new constitution should guarantee citizens basic liberties as well as independence of the judiciary.
The daily newspaper el Ayyam (Days) said NDA chairman Mohammed Osman el Merghani Tuesday highlighted the memo to the NDA executive council, currently in session in Cairo.
Following the briefing, the Council discussed the memo for two hours and promised a reply by Thursday.
The Umma party said it had started to discuss the memo and would reply to very soon.
Also reacting to the initiative, Foreign minister Mustafa Osman said the Khartoum government welcomes the memo.
"We were always committed to the Libyan-Egyptian initiative to end the conflict in Sudan," Osman stated.
He said the government was ready national dialogue "at a time and place to be proposed by the NDA.
" Osman, however, stopped short of pinpointing his government's view on the interim government proposed by Libya and Egypt.
Egypt's Ambassador in Khartoum A'asim Ibrahim said Cairo and Tripoli were seeking peace and national reconciliation as keys to decent living for all Sudanese.

27 june 2001 20:36:00

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