Launch of African Parliament to cost Pretoria 7 million rands

Johannesburg- South Africa (PANA) -- The inauguration of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) 17 September will cost the South African government about 7.
3 million rands, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sue van der Merwe said in Pretoria Monday.
(about six rands=1USD).
Merwe told reporters that apart from hosting the Parliament, South Africa would also provide office accommodation for the Parliamentarians and their staff, information technology infrastructure, local transport, and these she said, would cost 18 million rands per year.
The Deputy Minister said 3.
1 million rands had been budgeted for local transport over the next five years.
"We expect this figure to increase as more member States have signed the Protocol," she added.
The cost of the information technology infrastructure has yet to be finalised and the South African Police Services (SAPS) would provide security for the opening ceremony and the Parliament.
"These costs are not yet available but SAPS will use existing staff to provide this service," Merwe explained.
She said funding for the Parliament would be factored into the budget cycle of the Department of Foreign Affairs from April next year at an estimated cost of 61 million rands per year.
The first session of the continental parliament opens 17 September until 7 October.
The Parliament would sit at Gallagher Estate in Midland, outside Johannesburg for an initial five-year period while government searches for a permanent venue within Gauteng province.
Merwe said South Africa plans a continent-wide competition for entries from architects and designers for a permanent building that would reflect the African character of the Parliament.

13 september 2004 20:01:00

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